Musician, *2019 Mexico Tiene Talento (Golden Buzzer Recipient) *2020 NBC’s Little big shots

¡Botón dorado para MATEO! | México Tiene Talento

Mateo in 2022

  • 1-18-2022 Peacock commercial Made 
  • 2-11-2022 interviewed by Telemundo 
  • 02-12-2022 Valentines day concert performance at Our Lady Of the Lake University 
  • 03-25-2022 KSAT interview for GWBR 
  • 03-26-2022 National Anthem at Cesar Chaves March event 
  • 3-26-2022 National Anthem for April Anciras Comedy for a Cure 
  • 04-04-2022 Awarded the GWBR for the worlds youngest professional mariachi (4 years 236 Days) 
  • 04-11-2022 Univisons Despierta America Live show 
  • 04-23-2022 Preforms at Noche de romance at the Guadalupe Culture arts center 
  • 04-29-2022 Released 1st single on all music platforms -Mexico Lindo Y Querido 
  • 04-30-2022 Grand Marshall @ parade for los Ninos 
  • 05-10-2022 Live on set in Telemundo Miami National Despierta America. Preformed live 2nd release on all music platforms (MAMA) 
  • 6-1-2022 Mateo accompanied 50 other mariachis to pay tribute to victims of Uvalde’s Rob elementary 
  • 6-10-2022 National Anthem at Benjamin Crump Equal Justice Awards in Los Angeles 
  • 06-21-2022 Featured on cover and center piece of USA Today news paper 
  • 09-28-2022 sings the American National Anthem for the hispanic heritage night red sox game 
  • 10-2-2022 Cheryl Porter videos released on social media 
  • 10-20-2022 Mateo featured on the cover of Scholastic News national school magazine 
  • 11-17-2022 tiktoc video goes viral (MI ME MA MO MU) 
  • 11-29-2022 on KSAT San Antonio Living promoting new Christmas release El burrito Habanero 
  • 12-2-2022 Christmas song released (el Burrito sabanero) 

Mateo in 2021

  • 5-3-2021 Appeared on San Antonio Live for special segment on teachers week 
  • 9-8-2021 appeared on San Antonio Telemundo 
  • 10-29-2021 Performed at riverwalk SpiritLandia 
  • 12-8-2021 Kid reporter for Mexico National Soccer team in Austin Game 
  • 12-21-2021 Interviewed by Univision for Vicente Fernandez Death 
  • 12-13-2021 Interviewed By Telemundo on Vicente Fernandez Death 

Mexico’s Got Talent kid sings PROUD CORAZÓN (from COCO) w/Vocal Coach

Mateo in 2020

  •  2-6-2020 Noche de Romance @ Guadalupe Culture Center 
  • 2-8-2020 Valentines Day concert at our lady of the lake 
  • 3-5-2020 appeared on Ksat San Antonio Live 
  • 10-11-2020 appearance on Mariachi USA YouTube special 
  • 10-16-2020 opened for Mariachi Vargas de Tacalitan at the At&t center Drive in concert 
  • 12-22-20 appeared on sa living (el nino del Tambor) 

Mateo in 2019

  • 1-12-2019 Sings at mariachi bar. Video Goes viral on Facebook 
  • 2-9-2019 Preforms at our lady of the lake university Valentines Day and the Guadalupe culture arts center Noche de Romance 
  • 02-17-2019 preformed at San Antonio Rodeo tent 
  • 3-11-2019 Appeared on san Antonio Univision morning show 
  • 04-19-2019 2nd round of Mexico tine talento. Received Golden buzzer. Moved to 3rd round 
  • 4-18-2019 appearance on great day San Antonio 
  • 5-5-2019 3rd round of Mexico tine talento. Moved on to 4th and final round 
  • 05-20-2019 Appeared on final round of Mexico Tiene Talento. Final 12 of 350. 
  • 11-02-2019 The Pearl Dia de los muertos event 
  • 12-13-2019 Teleton USA foundation event 

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