Musician, *2019 Mexico Tiene Talento (Golden Buzzer Recipient) *2020 NBC’s Little big shots

¡Botón dorado para MATEO! | México Tiene Talento

Mateo in 2023

Mateo singing our National Anthem before @XFLBrahmas vs @XFLBattlehawks game


Mateo featured in Texas Monthly’s The Best Things in Texas, 2023

January 2023

Mateo in 2022

Kens 5 interview for Guinness World Book record (GWBR)


Featured on People Magazine Social Media


Featured on USA Today Social Media Page


Featured in Houston Chronicle


Mateo sings Mexican National Anthem for the MLS all star game (Minnesota)


  • 1-18-2022 Peacock commercial Made 
  • 2-11-2022 interviewed by Telemundo 
  • 02-12-2022 Valentines day concert performance at Our Lady Of the Lake University 
  • 03-25-2022 KSAT interview for GWBR 
  • 03-26-2022 National Anthem at Cesar Chaves March event 
  • 3-26-2022 National Anthem for April Anciras Comedy for a Cure 
  • 04-04-2022 Awarded the GWBR for the worlds youngest professional mariachi (4 years 236 Days) 
  • 04-11-2022 Univisons Despierta America Live show 
  • 04-23-2022 Preforms at Noche de romance at the Guadalupe Culture arts center 
  • 04-29-2022 Released 1st single on all music platforms -Mexico Lindo Y Querido 
  • 04-30-2022 Grand Marshall @ parade for los Ninos 
  • 05-10-2022 Live on set in Telemundo Miami National Despierta America. Preformed live 2nd release on all music platforms (MAMA) 
  • 6-1-2022 Mateo accompanied 50 other mariachis to pay tribute to victims of Uvalde’s Rob elementary 
  • 6-10-2022 National Anthem at Benjamin Crump Equal Justice Awards in Los Angeles 
  • 06-21-2022 Featured on cover and center piece of USA Today news paper 
  • 09-28-2022 sings the American National Anthem for the hispanic heritage night red sox game 
  • 10-2-2022 Cheryl Porter videos released on social media 
  • 10-20-2022 Mateo featured on the cover of Scholastic News national school magazine 
  • 11-17-2022 tiktoc video goes viral (MI ME MA MO MU) 
  • 11-29-2022 on KSAT San Antonio Living promoting new Christmas release El burrito Habanero 
  • 12-2-2022 Christmas song released (el Burrito sabanero) 

Mateo in 2021

On San Antonio Live for River Parade After show 


Mateo Accompanied by Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitan 


Appeared on New York Telemundo story 


Kid reporter for Mexico National Soccer team in Austin Game 


  • 5-3-2021 Appeared on San Antonio Live for special segment on teachers week 
  • 9-8-2021 appeared on San Antonio Telemundo 
  • 10-29-2021 Performed at riverwalk SpiritLandia 
  • 12-8-2021 Kid reporter for Mexico National Soccer team in Austin Game 
  • 12-21-2021 Interviewed by Univision for Vicente Fernandez Death 
  • 12-13-2021 Interviewed By Telemundo on Vicente Fernandez Death 

Mexico’s Got Talent kid sings PROUD CORAZÓN (from COCO) w/Vocal Coach

Mateo in 2020

Appeared os San Antonio Living show 


Appeared on NBC’s Little big shots 


Appearance on Great day San Antonio 


Visited the legends Vicente Fernandez Recording studio 


  •  2-6-2020 Noche de Romance @ Guadalupe Culture Center 
  • 2-8-2020 Valentines Day concert at our lady of the lake 
  • 3-5-2020 appeared on Ksat San Antonio Live 
  • 10-11-2020 appearance on Mariachi USA YouTube special 
  • 10-16-2020 opened for Mariachi Vargas de Tacalitan at the At&t center Drive in concert 
  • 12-22-20 appeared on sa living (el nino del Tambor) 

Mateo in 2019

Mateo sings along river walk with Mariachis 


1-10-2019 1st ever interview with Kens 5 ( San Antonio) 


2-13-2019 Interview with KABB fox news 


2-14-2019 Appeared on Univision national live Despierta America morning show. 


3-13-2019 1st appearance on Mexico tine talento. Moved on to 2nd round 


09-2019 Appears on Helotes & Leon Springs Magazine 


  • 1-12-2019 Sings at mariachi bar. Video Goes viral on Facebook 
  • 2-9-2019 Preforms at our lady of the lake university Valentines Day and the Guadalupe culture arts center Noche de Romance 
  • 02-17-2019 preformed at San Antonio Rodeo tent 
  • 3-11-2019 Appeared on san Antonio Univision morning show 
  • 04-19-2019 2nd round of Mexico tine talento. Received Golden buzzer. Moved to 3rd round 
  • 4-18-2019 appearance on great day San Antonio 
  • 5-5-2019 3rd round of Mexico tine talento. Moved on to 4th and final round 
  • 05-20-2019 Appeared on final round of Mexico Tiene Talento. Final 12 of 350. 
  • 11-02-2019 The Pearl Dia de los muertos event 
  • 12-13-2019 Teleton USA foundation event 

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